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Seattle Times

Jake Uitti

If you’ve ever wondered what kids’ music for adults sounds like, look no further than Seattle’s Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount. The trio will celebrate the release of its new album, “HeartTones,” at the Crocodile on Jan. 12.

Some might think kids music for adults would sound hokey — like a big purple Barney singing about tax deductibles and car repairs. But when achieved by an artist, the feat employs mystery, shadowy harmony and — yes — plenty of embedded encouragement.

“HeartTones” brims with 11 exquisitely charming tracks, many of which build into blossoming grandeur. Like on “A Bit Of A Hard Time,” where the mood begins bright and cute but grows as Massey (a new mother and working nanny) pushes listeners forward, as if they’re taking their first steps to the rhythm of her falsettos.

...while “Heart Tones” in all of its nurturing intention can’t teach listeners every life lesson, the album does maintain a musical space where people can go to feel thought of, appreciated.

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